Asphalt Milling

We specialize in all of your asphalt milling and planning needs. We possess the experience and technology capable of cutting asphalt to grade, maximizing your material cost.

We can complete any project, from parking lot patches to major highways, automotive tire test tracks and airport runways.  We strive to provide a quality product with minimal clean up and maximum production. We are proud to use Wirtgen Cold Plaining machines in our fleet. Our machines are very well maintained witch resonates into very few breakdowns and lost time.

All of our milled materials will go back into an asphalt plant or will be re-utilized in the road building process.

Soil Stabilization  

Lime is our primary means of stabilizing soils with high clay content, in order to repair sub grades for Parking lots, Roadways, or Building Pads.

Cement and Liquid Asphalt Emulsion Injection are all an Eco-friendly way of stabilizing and recycling existing roadways, and extremely worn surfaces.

By reusing the old asphalt, and mixing it in as base to build a strong foundation and increased strength in existing roadways. Rehabilitating the road base and repaving gives the customer an increased longevity of the road and saves valuable landfill space.

We bid and complete projects, LARGE and Small, and push for a fast turnout in our stabilization. From a couple hundred square yards to 100+ acres. We have the capacity to stabilize projects upwards of 250 tons a day.

 Our crews are versed in the measurement for application and the testing requirements of DOT and other agencies

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